Best Car Battery 2019 – A review of the best car batteries to purchase

It is advised that we test our car battery every year to know if it is due for a change or not. Although most batteries that our cars come which are original, there are also some that are not. In the event of a spoilt car battery, we are faced with the question of the best car battery to go for.


We at Autoevangelist have carried out extensive research on the best car battery you can buy based on their prices. We would be looking at the best car battery on this article and all of the hand-picked batteries are less than $300.


Best car batteries

Odyssey PC680 battery:

This battery costs about $128.99 and can be shipped to any country of the world from Amazon. It is a 12-volt, 18 Ampere battery with a weight of 15.4 pounds and not capable of folding. It is one of the best car batteries and has the following features:

  • It comes with a 2-year full replacement warranty from the manufactures and has a longer service life of 3 to 10 years.
  • Has longer cycle life with as long as 70 percent of that of other conventional deep cycle batteries.
  • It has a very high recharge efficiency and thus, capable of 100 percent recharge in 4 to 6 hours. It is easy to mount and the design is such that it doesn’t spill.
  • It is built to resist vibrations of all types – temperature, mechanical and high impact shock.

Odyssey PC68O can also be used for motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, ultralight aircraft, and Gyrocopter aircraft.

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DieHard 50748 Group advanced gold AGM batter GP 48:

This awesome battery goes for $193.99. It is a 70-Ah rated battery with a unique characteristic of being able to withstand up to 20 times more vibrations. It has more power-per-pound usage that is brought about by the flat-plate AGM design.

Having an optimized electrolyte suspension system, the DIEHARD 50748 has the ability to absorb more electrolytes. This, in turn, protects the inner components of the battery.

It weighs about 47.5 pounds. DieHard can be used Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, Volvo, start-stop vehicle applications and more. It is also suitable for off-road vehicles, watercraft, performance cars, and tuner cars that undergo intense vibration during normal use. It has a 3-year warranty period and can be shipped to any part of the world. As such it is a very good car battery.

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Optima batteries 8020-164 35 Redtop starting battery:

Optima redtop starting battery is a 12-volt, 720 cold-cranking Amps, 31.7-pound battery that is sold at $232.99. Its reserve capacity of 90 minutes for constant supply makes it the best car battery. It has an optimal starting power that works even in bad weathers with 15 times resistant capacity which makes it durable.

It is spill-proof and can be mounted in virtually any position. It has a fast charging ability and is maintenance-free.

It is not for sale only on Catalina Island and is suitable for a wide range of cars and heavy-duty trucks. Its unique spiral cell design makes it strong.

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Optima batteries 8020-218 D35 Yellowtop Dual purpose battery:

A more-powerful yellow top variant of the Optima redtop, this dual-purpose battery goes for $254.95. It is a 12-volt, 620 cold-cranking Amps. 36.4 pounds battery. It has a reserve capacity of 98 minutes for a constant supply and 300+ recharge/discharge cycles. Like the redtop variant, it has an optimal starting power that works even in bad weathers and a 15 times resistant capacity.

It is also spill-proof and can be mounted in virtually any position. the Optima 8020-218 D35 yellow top dual purpose battery has a spiral design that makes it strong and is not for sale in Catalina Island.

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ACDelco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI group 47 Battery:

A $160.99 battery with calcium lead positive lead that allows for low resistance. As like the others, it is a 12-volt battery and has high cycling capabilities.

It is designed with an absorbed Glass mat which ensures that no leak occurs when putting in use and the electrolyte is held permanently in the glass mat separator.

The ACDelco 47AGM battery can be used for different purposes – ranging from automobile, industrial, recreational and marine.

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A car battery is one of the most important components of the car and is worth spending some bucks on whenever it gets bad.

Having reviewed a number of car batteries that you can try out when next you want to replace your car battery, it is left for you to make a choice. But, we at Autoevangelist recommend the Optima batteries 8020-164 35 Redtop starting battery

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